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    Dholera SIR: Ideally located, widely connected...

    - 1st Smart City of India under DMIC
    - A India-Japanese joint initiative -Mini-Japan Township
    - Total Area : 920 sq. kms, Developable area: 567.39 sq. kms
    - Partner Countries: USA, UK, Singapore, France, China, Korea etc
    - Major Investor-CISCO, IBM, USEL,Mitshubishi, Hitachi, Mahindr
    - Recently, Rs 1200 Cr Allocated for Dholera SIR
    - Early Bird Projects launched at Pre-development cost

    Opportunities in Dholera-SIR:

    - To build the industrial parks, townships, knowledge cities
    - In building its infrastructure: road, rail, hospital, water, sanitation, tourism, and hospitality
    - Set up the metro rail system & international airport
    - Potential for development as a multi-modal transportation hub due to lesser distance to all the northern Indian States.
    - Build world class transport service foreign markets.
    - One of the best developed Metro City

    Residential and Commercial Plots

    The Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) will broadly comprise of various zones including residential, commercial, financial, manufacturing, processing, entertainment and institutional and others in addition to the world class infrastructure in terms of road, water, sanitation and other facilities. The actual urban development of SIR area would be approximately 500 Sq. Kms (50000 Hectares).

Why dholera SIR

Dholera SIR is a noteworthy undertaking under the DMIC Project with a plan to make it a worldwide assembling center point upheld by world class base. Dholera is first SIR inside of high effect Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) The vision of Dolera SIR is "The Development Plan, considering the DMIC objectivs and objectives, ought to center towards making and empowering environmentto secure nearby commercial enterprises, upgrade speculation atmosphere, enhance personal satisfaction, redesign human skils, make world class infrastucture and draw in worldwide venture"..

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Best Offerings At Dholera SIR

Residential & Commercial Plots


Dholera is a town arranged in Gujarat, is the joint endeavor of Gujarat Govt. what's more, focal reserved by State Govt Deliberately foundland reserved by State the Ahmedabad-Dholera mechanical...

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Central Spine Road (Sh6)


The Gujarat State Road Development Corporation Limited (GSRDC) is building up an entrance controlled interstate Between Ahmedabad and DSIR...

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Dholera International Airport


New International Airport on the Northern tip, 1kms away of SIR, 9200 hectors Government land reserved by State Govt of Gujarat DPR under preparation by Airport...

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Dholera Metro Train (MRTS)


Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in the middle of Ahmedabad and D-SIR is a piece of the Plan to Develop self-reasonable rail based transportation...

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