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Dholera SIR: Highlights

A self represented monetary locale appreciating full backing of the administration and maximum capacity for private division interest Logistic backing of the Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor connected with proficient rail and street system.

To be connected with Ahmedabad city with metro rail framework Nearness to ocean port, Closeness to universal air terminal Premium community conveniences

Near Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT) Near Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Area (PCPIR) Self-governance in operations Adaptability in choices Single window freedom Debate Resolution instrument

Current Status

The work on the focal spine street as of now began Government dispenses 1700 Hect. land for abutting Airport Stay Tenants as of now set up Water logging, seismological and environment ponders in progress

The legitimate system instituted: The SIR Act 2009 Venture improvement organization (GICC) shaped Improvement Plan endorsed on 10/09/2012 Town Planning Scheme (TPS)

no. 1 and 2 endorsed on 3/10/2012 Town Planning Scheme no. 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been submitted to Apex Authority (GIDB) on 13/12/2012 for authorization Tenders for determination of specialists for preparatory outline of streets including utilities for TPS.

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